If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that since I moved to Arizona I have joined Block Busters, as well as a something called Loose Change Club (which just ended). The All Zipped up Quilt is featured here. They are both sew much fun and occur on the first Saturday of each month at my LQS called Quilters Market.

The All Zipped Up Quilt is hanging on a brick wall in my back yard. There is a cactus in front of it. Both are in focus.

Block the the month

Block Busters is a 12-month series that is basically a Block of the Month Club. For $3.00 a month, I receive fabric and block patterns. What a steal! Right? If I finish my block and bring it into the store some time before or the day of the next month’s meeting, I get that month’s pattern and piece of fabric for free. The catch is you have to use the fabric that comes with the pattern somewhere in your block and make it correctly to qualify. I have never done a block of the month before and I’m loving it. (The new series just started with all new fabrics. It is going to be wonderful!)

Charm Pack Club

In the Loose Change Club, I get a different custom charm pack each month as well as a quilt pattern. This club runs for six months and I just finished it. The quilt here is from month number two. It’s called All Zipped Up. Can you see the zippers? There are four of them. This quilt was idea altering for me, as I almost ALWAYS use white as my contrast fabric. But using tan fabric in this quilt makes it so warm, so modern. I love it. I am questioning my idea that white should be my go to contrast color from now on.

The fabrics used here are mostly Cotton & Steel fabrics. I added a few fabrics in my stash that blended well with all the other fabrics in the charm pack. My favorite fabric in the charm pack is the green tiger and when I saw the cat fabric from Heather Ross I decided it had to be added to the quilt. With all my fabric additions and an extra charm pack, I am able to make an extra quilt. One that will be a little smaller and designed a  little differently. I can’t wait to see what it will look like finished..

I used a black minky fabric for the back of the quilt making it very soft.

The All Zipped Up quilt back

The backing I used is a soft black minky. I quilted it on a long arm with the help of my sister. I just love how the quilting turned out. The pattern is a repeating bird and swirl. Now I just need to decide what I should do with it. I think I might try to sell it (something I have never done before). But it could gift it to my Niece….

The All Zipped Up is out of focus and behind a cactus which is in focus
Most of the quilt top is showing and the top left corner of the quilt is flipped over revealing the back of the quilt.
Close up photo of the All Zipped Up quilt

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