I’m pretty sure you got the point (from my previous posts) but just in case, I have to say it again… I’m loving this Halloween fabric collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale and
Sarah Watts!  
Since the fabric is super adorable, I really wanted to show it off by using large 12” blocks of it.  I added assorted blocks of bats in flight, and what did I get? This fun colorful lap size quilt! Yes, I think I’m keeping this one.


Proverbs: 31 Quilting did a lovely job quilting this quilt with spider webs — I just love the way it turned out. Thanks Brenda, you did a spooktacular job! If anyone needs a quilter, I highly recommend her. She has quilted two of my quilts now and has done an excellent work with them. She sticks tight to deadlines which makes me happy, and frees me up to get some extra work done (like the crazy amount of swaps I’ve signed up for. Ahhh! too many deadlines!!!).


I had so much fun with this Halloween series and this collection. I am so relieved that I have completed all of these projects. I think I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself… But why not DREAM BIG??