For the last month and a half I’ve been consumed with packing, purging (putting things aside for a garage sale or Goodwill), house rental hunting, getting our home ready to sell, and unpacking. It’s been complete madness!

I think I’m still tired from the whole ordeal. My sewing machine was one of the last items I packed, but unfortunately, not the first thing I unpacked.


In between sometime here and there, I found time to work on a few different projects like a, Halloween Mini Quilt Swap, blocks for a Signature Quilt, and some patterns. The most exciting one is this quilt for Coach.

Garden Star Quilt

The fabric I used was Nomad, by Urban Chicks. The designs in this fabric line are very earthy. Yes, it does have flowers in it, but the bold colors make it a little less girly. It also has a camouflage print, and if you know coach, you’d know that this is the perfect print for him. The quilt pattern that I used was Garden Star, a design of mine that you can find on Etsy.  This quilt is the first time that I actually made this pattern. (a pattern tester made the first one). I’m so happy with the way it looks. I can’t stop smiling.


Though, I must confess, I’m really  picky. I used three charm packs to find the right amount of each color I wanted, when it really only takes one charm pack of 40 squares. The good thing is I can use the (many) extra squares for the back of  my quilt or maybe as  borders.

Hmm..I do want to make it a little bigger so, I’m definitely going to add borders. Time will tell on how the finished product will look. I hope to have it done for November or maybe Christmas. Come back soon!





Photos were taken at Trail Dust Town.