Dairy Month is here! and I am sooo excited because I have a few special things lined up  for my blog this month. If you’re wondering, “what are they?” Well… there will be giveaways, recipes and of course, quilts.



I come from a long line of dairymen and share their passion for tending to our cows who create a wholesome and pure drink. Milk. Yes, I grew up on a dairy. Some of my fondest memories are climbing haystacks, making forts in piles of cottonseed and spending summers working on the farm. I have always been mesmerized by the endless hard work my dad embraced. Caring for animals is not like any other job in the workforce. If there was a place like it, I would compare it to working in a hospital — that might come close. On a dairy you have to make sure all of the animals are feed and healthy every day of the year. The farm can never fully close because just like a hospital, there might be an emergency or birth at any time, day or night.





There is lot of feed that comes through our scale and feed is one of the most important things on a dairy. We have a nutritionist that comes out to our dairy two times a month to make sure all of the animals are healthy. No matter if they are small heifers or big milking cows, we want all of them to be healthy and happy. The nutritionist creates a ration (or recipe comprised of different feeds like corn, molasses, soy-hulls, hay, and minerals) specially for the animal.



This is why I think Feed Company is the perfect line of fabric for my giveaways this month. To enter this GIVEAWAY for one charm pack, a pattern, and four fat quarters, simply add a comment to this post. Tell me which dairy product is your favorite. I will announce the winner on June 30th. Mine favorite is cheese, it just makes everything better!