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    Calling All Pattern Testers

    I am in the process of creating a series of patterns called the Garden Star Series. It will consist of six quilts that will look similar in design. If made at a smaller size, they can all go together into one quilt. I have Quilt #1 and Quilt #2 done but still need to test …

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    Square Off – Pattern Tester 4

    I just love this creation! The diamonds POP out from the darker, solid fabric. Everything about the quilt – From the contrasting colors to those light beautiful fabrics – makes me want to snuggle up to this quilt. I had not seen the fabric used in this quilt before and now I simply want them. …

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    Square Off – Pattern Tester 1

    I have had an offsite challenge going on. I contacted some pattern testers and asked them to try out my new Square Off pattern. I am very pleased to show off the first quilt that I got back from Jennifer. When I saw it, I was excited and giddy. It made my day; heck it …