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    Celebrating June Dairy Month: Week 3

    Week 3 already!! My yogurt crush continuous… I made this scrumptious soup at the end of last week. It was one of those days where nothing sounded good. I didn’t have all of the proper ingredients but I didn’t feel like cooking and really didn’t feel like eating out. So gave the Cream of Asparagus Soup …

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    Celebrating June Dairy Month: Week 1

    In celebration of National Dairy Month and my Greek yogurt crush, I cooked my first recipe. I selected the Tandoori Mango Salmon. Since I was cooking on the weekend and had a little bit more time I selected (what I thought would be) the most difficult recipe. But I was wrong. This Salmon recipe was …

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    How To Celebrate National Dairy Month

    Dairy farming is a very challenging job. Once you decide to care for an animal you are committed every day, all year. Your every day goal is keeping the animal safe and healthy while producing the best quality milk possible. It is a true passion. This month is National Dairy Month. I have chosen to …