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    Every sewer needs The Beetle Bag

    The first time I realized that I needed a sewing kit for my car was when I took my first sewing class at Bernina Las Cruces. Me and my mom signed up for the class making the Travel Essentials bag. I think I must have spent an hour getting all of my tools together putting …

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    I attended Sew-A-PALOOZA yesterday. It’s a Sewing Roadshow of Rock Star Techniques! Bernina Sewing and Design of Las Cruces brought this amazing Sewing Festival to the lucky quilters in Las Cruces and El Paso. I went to the one in El Paso and was blown away by enthusiasm, sewing machines, projects, and prizes. It was …

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    How I got this Fabric For Free

    Blissfully, I spent the morning with my sister. We took a trip to Bernina in Las Cruces. I was looking for fabric to match the inside of my car. It desperately needs organizing. The outside is silver. The inside is made up of different shads of grey. I have all sorts of projects in mind. …