Quilt Back Gallery

My absolute favorite backing for a quilt is soft minky fabric. The only problem with this is it is very expensive. One way I get around the price is with coupons (I am a coupon queen and can alway find a 40% off coupon if I am in a tight squeeze. JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby alway have one online and email them to me regularly). The other way I get around this is using my scraps and fabric stash to make an improvisational back. I have no specific way to do this because let’s face it, improvisational quilting is ruleless. In general, I use enough fabric to cover the length of the quilt plus 8”. Meaning, if I have a quilt that measures 68″ x 68″ my quilt back should be 76″ in length. Using the width of fabric (salvage to salvage) as 41″, the piece of fabric I have is  41″ x 76″. I know I need to make something to fill the space of 36″ x 76″. When the two are sewn together (41” + 35”) you will have 76.5” x 78” something a long-arm quilter would be happy to deal with since they like the quilt back to be 4” larger than the quilt top on all sides.

These are some of my creations.