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    Doggie Needs A New Bed

      Well, there I was, going stir-crazy, waiting to find out who won the Sliced competition—and really even more, wanting to know what the next project would be. I knew, win or lose, I would be making the next project. Low and behold, I find myself at JoAnn’s. As I am entering the store, there …

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    iPad cover

    Now this is too cool. I love this design by Michelle! She, too, entered the Sliced competition. This iPad cover is so clever. It comes with a place to put your iPad, a pad of paper, and a pen.  And the buckle system just blew my mind. It allows you to close it like a …

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    Grey Is the New Black!

      I have been in a grey mood this year. I think it is my new go-to staple. Pair it with any color and the item will rock. That is why I bought a jelly roll of pure greys from Putting on the Ritz by Bunny Hill Designs, added a yard of yellow, and called …

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    A Happy Coincidence!

      I got this pendent some time ago. It was an extra in an order, a little thank you from its maker. After I got it, I put it away in my box for blue beads and knew that one day I would use it. After a long time had passed, I stopped by a …

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    Quilt Show Dreaming

    I awoke from a wonderful quilter’s dream and found myself at the 11th Judged Quilt Show, “A Century of Enchantment, presented by Las Colcheras Quilt Guild. Surrounded by more than 130 beautifully crafted quilts, I was amazed by the variety in styles and colors. I was exposed to several new techniques (painting in the center …

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    My First Quilt Ever!

    Disclaimer: This post was published to this blog on Feb 27, 2012. I decided that this post needed a face lift with nicer images and added copy. Not because I love the quilt but because it was the first quilt I made and it has a special place in my heart.  [And hopefully my blogging skills have improved a …

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