Over the pandemic, my love of indoor plants has become an obsession… I’ve been researching the plants I already have, and watching house plant tours on YouTube to learn about ones I’ve never seen or heard of. Terracotta pots have, found their way into my heart and living room. They are the inspiration behind my Terracotta Fiori Quilt Pattern. Grab yourself a drink and some snacks so we can toast to a pattern release day! I’m getting myself a glass of Ginger Lemonade — a little sweet, a little tart, and a whole lotta spicy. Plus a few cookies. Cheers!!

Terracotta Fiori Quilt Pattern

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All these lush and lovely fabrics are from my friend Bailey’s shop, by & by. She has a great selection of fabrics: solids, prints, and ice dyed fabrics. EEEKKKK!! I am so excited because she will be selling kits of the pattern!! Thank you so much for doing that By & By!! Click here to get your hands on a quilt kit.

Terracotta Fiori Quilt Pattern on a bed

Don’t you love the depth of the gradient? The colors make my heart swoon! I pulled from the Pure Solids collection. 

The fabrics I used in this Twin XL quilt include Sweet Macadamia, Peach Sorbet, Apricot Crepe, Dried Carrot, Apple Cider, Terracotta Tile, and Cinnamon. The background fabric is Snow

Art Gallery made all these fabrics! And I LOVE the feel of their fabric. It’s thinner than most fabrics on the market; they’re like garment fabric. Like a lawn, super soft. Let me share a few more details about the quilt before we get down to the party.  

Terracotta Fiori Quilt Pattern triangle points

The Terracotta Fiori Quilt Pattern

The Terracotta Fiori Quilt pattern is a paper pieced pattern. This is one of my favorite techniques because it’s so exact. Paper piecing makes it easy to get perfect points — and will make you look like a quilting genius when all your “flying geese” have their points. 

Terracotta Fiori Quilt Pattern a paper pieced pattern

I packed that pattern with goodness: yardage and cutting instructions, paper piecing tips and steps, coloring sheets, plus an extra pattern with a different layout. I am so excited this pattern is finally ready. My mind has been simmering on this design since 2018… Yes, it takes me that long to bring one of my ideas to life, but I couldn’t possibly be happier with the way it turned out. l’m so happy with all the decisions I made, including changing out colors and making the border around the flower white. The borders were almost the same colors as the inside, turning them into a sand dollar. 

A couple of weeks back, I showed off a sneak peek of the pattern in sea glass colors. Click here to see that. 

Sometimes looks can be deceiving — it might look like the Terracotta Fiori Quilt pattern has y-seams in it, but I assure you that you’re sewing straight rows together. I decided to quilt simple, straight lines because I wanted the eyes to focus on the piecing. And I have a hard time deciding on quilting designs. I used Auriful thread 2220 and I love the way it looks paired with hobbs wool batting, which is a staple in my sewing room. 

Close up on the quilting of the Terracotta Fiori Quilt
Terracotta Fiori Quilt in the living room

Let’s get partying!! 

Now for the fun stuff!! I have two baby-size Terracotta Fiori Quilt kits to giveaway that Art Gallery gifted me: One is for my Instagram crew (I will post that challenge photo tomorrow). For all of you that don’t do Instagram, I’m giving the other one away here, as well. 

Blog Giveaway Instructions

To enter the giveaway on this blog post, let’s play a different version of Never Have I Ever. In the comments, tell me something you thought you wouldn’t like doing when quilting… but actually loved it when you tried it. 

For me, I never thought I would like curves. I don’t love curves yet, but I am open to them. After some practicing and learning about them, I plan to release a pattern using them sometime next year. Soooo hopefully the game makes sense — every good party needs a fun game! 

stripe binding

Something you should know about my comments if you are new to commenting here: I must approve your comment. That is because I get a TON of spam comments and not all of them are PG. LOL. Ughhh… Not nice, but it is what it is in this digital age. So, please be patient and I will approve them ASAP. 

You have two weeks to enter into the giveaways. I’ll announce the winners on October 1st. 

Drumroll, please… 

Now for the big announcement: I’m going to be doing a Quilt Along! 

They’re something I love doing because let’s face it… I love picking out and giving gifts. So, I’m putting together some fun ones for you. 

Terracotta Fiori Quilt Pattern

Quilt Along Timeline

Let me know if you’re interested in joining the quilt along in the comments and sign up with this form. Here is the tentative timeline:

  • Oct 1th – Save the date
  • Oct 8th – Picking our fabric
  • Oct 15th – Cutting Fabric
  • Oct 22nd – Paper Piecing tips and tricks
  • Oct 29th – Sewing top together
  • Nov 5th – Spray Basting and Quilting
  • Nov 19th – Binding
  • Nov 24th – Grand Prize

Remember the giveaway timeline… If you want the chance to win one of the two Terracotta Fiori Quilt kits from Art Gallery, you have two weeks to enter. Check back on October 1st to see the winners. Good luck everyone!! And Thank you Art Gallery!!