I am in the process of creating a series of patterns called the Garden Star Series. It will consist of six quilts that will look similar in design. If made at a smaller size, they can all go together into one quilt. I have Quilt #1 and Quilt #2 done but still need to test out the rest of the patterns. I am also working on quilts that I would like tested so I can share them on my site as a Quilt-A-Long or for sites such as the Moda Bake Shop or FreeQuiltPatterns.info. Your help with this would mean so much to me.

This is how it would work.  

Fill out the form below. When I have a pattern ready to be tested, I will email an image along with a deadline. Then email me back and let me know if you are interested and can create the quilt top in the time provided. I will then send you a PDF of the pattern. You will then create the quilt top within the timeline and send me feedback as you create the quilt or all at once at the end. Let me know which parts of the pattern you are having trouble understanding or are not working for you. In return for your help, you will receive a free printed patten. If you provide pictures of your quilt top, I will blog about it and share your info. I will also send you a few small goodies.

Thank you so much for considering this!

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