Old fashioned windmill quilthi-tech windmill quilt

mixed windmill block quilt

Windmill Quilt Tops

I am happy to present a tutorial I created for the Moda Bake Shop!! It was a two-part series on these three quilts. I see windmills. Do you? It is my nod to the new meets old in the world of windmills. The big chunky ones remind me of the old fashioned sails on the mills. The long skinny ones remind me of the new high-tech wind farms. I have shown you what they look like in their own separate windmill quilt and also together. I have tried to optimize the placement of the 10” squares and you are left with large usable scraps. These two lap quilts are made out of two layered cakes.  I had so much fun designing them and hope you have fun making them. Follow the links to the Moda Bake Shop where you will find everything you need to make your own Windmill quilt or three of them. 

Old Fashioned Windmill Quilt
High-tech Wind Farm & Nod to new meets old Windmill


acrage layered cake from Moda
The fabric I used is Acreage by Shannon Gillman Orr created for Moda. I just love it! The colors are ones you would see as the sun sets. Bright Oranges, Sunny Yellows, Hot Pinks, Wicked Greens and Trendy Teals. They make for a perfect Endless Summer quilt. My husband and I enjoy biking, so the bike print is just perfect for me. When I see the clothespins, the picture of a summery late afternoon starts playing in my mind. I see myself enjoying a bike ride home as I pass fields of edible crops, wildflowers, homes with fresh laundry hanging on clotheslines and food placed on gingham picnic blankets. What a dream!! I also used some Bella Solids Fabrics in the borders, for the binding, and for whites. The quality of the fabric is so nice. Delightful to work with. I just love how these quilts turned out. I hope you like them too and I can’t wait so see how other people make it (#WindmillQuilts). If you have any question while making it, don’t hesitate to ask.  

Hi-tech windmill quilt top

vintage windmill quilt top

Mixed windmill quilt top

stack of quilts

Photos were taken at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.