Okay is it just me, or did November fly by?

I didn’t get the chance to post each and every project I worked on for this year’s giving challenge so, I decided to consolidate them all and put them in this post, along with some pics.

Giving Challenge Projects:

  1. At the end of October/beginning of November I hosted an Instagram giveaway.

  2. On my blog I gave away two layered cakes.

  3. I gave away two mini quilts in the Schnitzel & Boo Swap.

  4. I created a mini quilt swap label for everyone to download for free.

  5. I made two simple baby blankets that will go to Project Linus.

  6. Made six pillowcases for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge that will also go to Project Linus.

  7. I finished my super warm flannel quilt and will be giving it to a homeless person here in Tucson.

  8. I bought and donated toys for the local Toy Drive.

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This all takes me to my final giveaway… I am giving away three different gifts of 2 charm packs ( 2 Nomad, 2 Jack & the Beanstalk, 2 Batiks) and a few extras. To enter this giveaway just comment on this post. I will give you guys a week so that mean I will announce the winner on December the 12th 2015.

Good Luck!!

The winners are...
Mara – gift #1, Nomad

Judy – gift #2, Jack and The Beanstalk

 Nancy Hilderbrand – gift #3, Batiks