As soon as I saw Banner Adventure Mini Quilt Swap: call for entries (co-hosted by The Tattooed Quilter) I was like heck yeah!! NOW – IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THIS GUY IS… I recommend  you check out his blog and then head over to Modern Sewciety and listen to ALL of their podcasts. The Tattooed Quilter is always on the B-side. I started listening to the old podcasts and worked my way to the newest now I’m hooked. Before this, I was never a person to listen to a podcast and now, during my back and forth drive between NM and AZ you can find me listen to podcasts.

lineart_orgI hand stitched Live Free on my Adventure Mini Quilt



Stephanie is the host of Modern Sewciety and I’m constantly fascinated by all of her interviews. It’s SOOO awesome to listen to our quilting industry leaders tell their story. She talks to people like Tula Pink, Heather Ross, Amy Butler and so many other inspiring people on the podcast. This podcast has really introduced me to a quilting community in a new way I didn’t know existed…Like QuiltCON, Glamp Stitchalot and so much more! 

These podcasts have become one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

Banner Adventure Mini Quilt

This Banner Adventure Mini Quilt Swap was very different from the other swaps I’ve participated in; It was designed around April Rhodes’ fabric. We had to use fabric from any of her lines. They asked us to incorporate something special in the quilt like feathers, beads, yarn, or leather and it had to include a way for the banner to be hung. We were asked not to send any extras and at the end they would have some type of competition.

I had so much fun looking at all the lines April Rhodes has designed. She has a sophisticated eye with a whimsy flair, very talented! I used Arizona, the line that my swap partner favored. I really loved doing this challenge.

This was my first time making a quilt this small. My fabric pieces was 1.5”  I had a hard time deciding on what to pick for my design; there were so many options, but I felt like someone else would do them so I went with this design because I thought it would be unique to the other creations. I hope you like my design.

This is what I used:

  1. Embroidery floss for the stitched words and French Knots
  2. Paper Mache for the Arrow
  3. Wire for the Arrow
  4. Beads
  5. Leather

I can’t wait to get my Banner Adventure Mini Quilt.


I created a free downloadable Mini Quilt Swap label. If you would like to  to see that post where I talk about that click here. 

Banner Adventure Mini Quilt finished

making the banner Adventure Mini Quilt


I made my arrow with paper machearrow1thebannerswap

Mini Quilt Swap Labels I offer as a free download