The Mini Quilt Swaps Adventures Continue:


After a wonderful experience with the Halloween Quilt Swap, I decided to join another one. I searched and searched, and found that Schnitzel and Boo was accepting entries; I signed up immediately! Not receiving an email confirming the entry, I thought maybe my phone had made some sort of error. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to do the mini quilt swap again, I filled out another entry form. It was then when I read the message…”Your entry has been counted, please do not enter again.” OH NO!!!

I must admit, I wasn’t surprised when I received two partners. My instant thought was, “two Mini Quilt gift sets…” I smiled and jumped right away in to my workstation. The result was two minis that I’m so proud of!


Mini #1: With this mini, I used the Garden Star pattern that I designed a while back for a bigger quilt but tweaked it to be smaller. The fabric I used was Neptune, by Tula Pink which I love and currently hoarding.

.Mini #2: For mini quilt #2, I wanted to try something different. Using Kate Spain’s Paridoso fabric and the Feather Fall pattern, designed by Lillyella, I managed to attempt my first paper piecing; I loved it!!

I packaged the two mini quilts and sent them off to Canada – but a thought kept coming back in my head; I used my quilting label, which has nothing to do with the swaps.  I really NEED a swap label! So this past weekend I worked on creating one. I put together a few in a PDF file and I’m making it available for everyone to download. (That’s right, it’s free.) I figured it’s a perfect fit for my Giving Challenge.


How to get it/ use it:

  1. Download the pdf file and save it to your computer.

  2. Print the file to a piece of iron on printable fabric. Let the ink dry completely.
    (I bought mine at Jo-Ann’s)

  3. Cut it out.

  4. Fill out the information with a fine tip fabric marker.

  5. Iron it onto your mini quilt project using the instructions that come with your fabric paper.

TIP: to prevent label discoloration spray with Scotch guard


labels in file:mqslall