It is time to announce the winner of the 4th and final giveaway from my Giving Challenge. But first, I have a secret. I was out of town on vacation, actually out of the country. Due to spotty WiFi and my phone not working properly I was not able to approve comments in a timely manner. Sorry about that, but I am back in the USA and ready to do this.

The winner is… Julie… a Layered Cake, Charm Pack, Scrap Bag, Pattern and Small Ruler will be on the way to you soon. Please reply to my email with your address.

Although the month of November is over, I still have a few unfinished projects. I will continue to share them with you until they are done. Today, I wanted to ask you for your impute on a logo that I have been working on. I have been dreaming of this project for more then a year now. Hunger in our communities is such a huge issue and good nutrition is something near and dear to my heart. That brought me to a food drive, Good Karma Food Drive. I think it is a fun name that reminds us: Doing something good for someone else is always a good idea. What do you think about the name? The logo is just the start of the project. I still need to print posters, paint boxes, find locations and drop them off. (pick them up, give the loot to my local food bank) Still so much to do but it will be fun. Yes. Now, if I could only decide… What logo do I go with? Logo #1 or Logo #2?