My dad always said “what doesn’t break you makes you stronger”. With that thought in mind, I signed up for the Mighty Mujer. Then the reality set in, I am not a good runner, I never swim, but I love to bike. What do I feel? Fear. Aahhhh… I am going to do a triathlon!

What is a triathlon?
Three sports packed into one competition. Why would anyone pay to do this?? To test the limits of their endurance. I am very familiar with the most common triathlon, which involves swimming biking and running. My husband is a very strong and seasoned triathlete. I am his trusted groupie. Over the past 4 years I have been supporting him all over El Paso (which is where we hang our hat) to Las Cruces to California to Kansas and more. All of these competitions vary in distance and sequence of sports.

Intense Training
Even as a beginner, I have totally embarrassed my training. I feel very lucky to be trained by The Grey at HPC. Let’s face it one can never be to prepared. I have been running, biking and swimming 2 times a week. My body has started to change, I feel stronger, I feel knee pains (and that scares me), however surprisingly I enjoy it. Although I am not as scared as I was when I signed up, fear is still there. So now that count down begins, April 19 is race day. I know I can do it. But wish me luck just incase.