In honor of National Reading Day (yesterday March 2nd) I thought I would write a little about my favorite writer Tracy Chevalier. I am currently reading Remarkable Creatures. Although it started out slow it has come to intrigue me and I can’t wait until full story unfolds. I am a serious and serial reader. Once I find a writer I like, I read as many of there books as I come across. The only book I have not read for Tracy Chevalier is her newest book and it was only when I started writing this post that I realized that she had a new book.

Her books center around some type of tapestry, painting, fabric, book or artifact and she weaves her story around a significant period in time. Creating strong characters and recreating the world they would have lived in.

The first book that I read from her was The Lady & The Unicorn. My mom gave me the book and I remembered being shocked since the book was a little reskey in parts. I was instantly hooked.  Then I moved on to Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Virgin Blue (my absolute favorite), Falling Angels, and finally Burning Bright.