Remember my Square Off pattern? This is quilt number two, a test quilt for my pattern. At one point my progress had come to a stop, so I decided that I needed some help. Thankfully, I got some from a few quilt pattern testers. They set me back on the path to completing this pattern and finishing the quilt. I instantly fell in love with the fabrics I used. The colors are so rich and happy. The solid grey fabric pulls out the squares and makes the colorful fabric pop. I hope this quilt will match some couches that I ordered. If it matches, the the quilt will be for me. Well….. I should say for the couch. A shield against Pablo the cat, AKA the couch shredder.


I feel like this top is something that a intermediate quilter can make in a weekend. If you would like to make one of your own, download the pattern. It’s free and super easy!