If you are like me, you have spent hours online looking for the perfect fabrics, going from one search to another search, trying to remember what price was better…. how many yards was available where…. what color is available where…. “Shop for (insert the fabric you are looking for here)” on Goggle is what I end up using. However, it is not limited to fabric. So when I ran across this website called Find My Fabric, I was really excited and thought I would share it. This site is great for the type of quilter that I am. I have about six projects going on at once and I have two real jobs that keep me busy; I also have about six more projects waiting in my stash. It always seems like I start looking for a fabric line when there is not very much of it left. I think this website will make it easier for me to look for fabric. I will also be able to price compare because it shows the swatch of fabric with the price along with the store link. Why didn’t I think of this? Oh well. I hope this link helps you. Happy hunting!