I have been a busy little beaver this month. Today I finished up the last project from my giving challenge. I made 3, two ply blankets from fleece and donated them to the Rescue Mission in El Paso. They were a lot harder then I thought they would be. Trying to line them up was the hardest part… it is so easy to stretch and them I would re-cut them and re align them and then re-cut them… Actually – I think that real problem is that I have lost my big rotary cutter. But after I got them cut they was super easy make. My husband and I also cleaned out our closet and we gave some bags of clothing away with the blankets.


To recap the giving Challenge I gave way 2 necklaces to the Get Maybelle To The Ellen Show action, Gifted 2 quilts to a dear friend of mine that just had a baby boy (and the other quilt was her wedding quilt that I was super behind on), Helped make wall art for 11 of the CIMA Hospice Patients, made 10 pillowcases for Las Cruces’s Catholic Charities, and made 3 blankets for the Rescue Mission. So yes, I met all of my goals but did not surpass them. It was very rewarding! I feel very good about all of the projects and will have to start planning now for next year.


My little helper, Pablo the cat (aka the terrorizer)