I have a jewelry stash. Making jewelry has become the quick way for me to get a creative fix. Sometimes I can make 10 pieces in one weekend, so if I don’t have time to quilt or if I am just burnt out on quilting, I make jewelry. Sometimes I sell it, sometimes I wear it, and sometimes I gift it.

So when I ran across a blog on girl named Maybelle that has acute leukaemia, my heart went out to her. Maybelle is eleven years old and has a dream to see the person that makes her daily pains tolerable. Who, you may ask will she see?? Ellen DeGeneres. And Really, who dosn’t love Ellen. My mom even love’s Ellen. So, I asked myself what I could do to help Maybelle reach that dream. I pulled out my stash and found a couple of items to donate. I think it is a great cause and hope that her dream will come true. Such a little dream…wanting to go on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! If we can’t make this happen, then boo for us. Lets get Maybelle to the Ellen Show. The auction to help raise money for Maybelle will start November the 12th and stop November the 16th. There are a lot of fun things to want so check out the Facebook page.

And Maybelle – I wish you the best!