I made this quilt when I was living in Phoenix about 8 years ago. I spent many months picking out the perfect flannels to go together. If I am right, I bought the majority of the fabrics in this quilt at Zoe’s Truck. (To this day one of the best quilt shops in Phoenix.) I focused on blues and reds and am really happy with the way it turned out. This is the perfect multiuse quilt. Take it on a picnic, take it on a trip, or keep it at the foot of the bed; it will always fit right in. It is also machine washable and the nice thing is that it gets better as it is washed.

The pattern is an easy pattern. The hardest part of the quilt is the edge cutting and it is not really hard, just time consuming. So if you want the perfect project to work on when watching TV, this is it. I have made many different Ragtime quilts over the years. I think maybe 6 in total. They make the best present because they are so soft to snuggle up to.

I love this pattern. And I would love to see what you did with it. Show me how you made your Ragtime quilt by sending pictures or a link for the quilt to annelies@brownbirddesigns.com.