It has been to long since my last post…. I have been trying to keep up with life (and lookie here, I finally did it!). I have had a heck of a time with the comment part of this blog. I have had over a 1,000 comments and have concluded that they are spam. BAD, SPAMMERS! BAD! But enough with that; I have something very important to share….

I am happy to say that I entered into a fabric design contest (my current dream and goal in life). The theme of the fabric is centered on Jack and the Beanstalk and the media had to be ink and watercolor. Fabric 8 is the name of the contest put on by Spoonflower & Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Today was the deadline and it will not be until May 1 until I find out if I am one of the 100 fabrics designers that YOU, the public, will vote on to narrow the group down to 8. Oh – I hope I am one of them. And if I am, please vote for me. I will keep you updated.