I thought I would do a little show and tell on my latest and greatest. This is my friend, Mr. Cuisinart Griddler Junior, and he ROCKS! I had the George Forman Grill and it was so big and hard to clean that I never took it out. But then I met this bad boy. Use it as a regular grill that heats the top and bottom at the same time. Or with one slide of a bottom you can unlock the cover, fold it down, and make into two separate grills.

The best part about Mr. Cuisinart is that you can take off the grilling plates and wash them in your dishwasher. But wait there is more…. there are two different surfaces that you can use to grill on – one side is smooth and the other side is riveted.

This product makes any sandwich a meal that your loved ones will rave about.

Happy (Fuss-Free) Cooking!