I have been in a grey mood this year. I think it is my new go-to staple. Pair it with any color and the item will rock. That is why I bought a jelly roll of pure greys from Putting on the Ritz by Bunny Hill Designs, added a yard of yellow, and called it a day. Did I know what I was going to do with it? No. Up until last Friday, it was going to become a Euro Travel Bag. But on a whim I decided to enter the Sliced competition (project for an office).

I chose a curtain since my closet is the biggest eyesore in my office. Things have never fit right inside the closet and the result was the wooden door veering into the room. At some point, my husband took the door out of the room, which just left my mess open for everyone to see.

Since I have been drawn to zigzags and wanted to make something with them, it became the perfect opportunity. But how? I spent most of Saturday working on a sample zigzag pattern and was happy with the way it turned out. Then it was on to the real thing. After a few speed bumps, some machine quilting, and lots of sewing, I finished.

And so it is my very first competition. Game on!