Well, there I was, going stir-crazy, waiting to find out who won the Sliced competition—and really even more, wanting to know what the next project would be. I knew, win or lose, I would be making the next project. Low and behold, I find myself at JoAnn’s. As I am entering the store, there is a bin of fleece, cut and paired with a matching color and (here is the kicker) on sale. I am a sucker for that four-letter word. I think to myself, Huummmm…. I need to buy a doggie bed….. But why buy when you can make. Right?

So here is my question to you. Do you have a cat or dog?? Do you have a ton of extra odd pieces of batting??

I did. I made this bed in maybe 10 minutes. I started by cutting the two fabrics in half. I then sewed them together with a one-inch seam, but left a 10″ opening on one of the long sides. And, since doggie likes to chew, I made another seam just a forth of an inch inside the first one. Then on each of the corners I stitched an extra round seam (x2). I did this because his round pillow has lasted much longer. It is still here but this is the forth square pillow that we are on. Doggie likes to chew those edges and then doggie likes to eat the insides. After that, I layered the different pieces of batting on top of one another (I used them all!). I rolled it up, stuffing the first edge in all the way to the seam. Then I stuffed the other side in and pushed it down to the other seam. I finished it up with a top stitch on the 10” opening.