Quilted horse blanket


triangle_breakspacerIn my life there are days when inspiration flows freely and I find myself making designs that impress me. Other days, I can hardly find the motivation to finished project.

About a year ago, during one of my “inspired” days, I designed four quilts based solely on triangles. But a problem presented itself… I had never quilted using triangles. So I made this sketch. In my stash I had the perfect precut waiting to become something special and it’s times was now. This was the perfect project to blend all of it’s bold colors together. I think the size will be perfect for a little baby and that is why I call it Tummy Time Quilt.



quilt sketch


At the same time my husband and I contracted someone to remodel the guest bathroom at our old house (that now belongs to someone else). To be there with the work crew, I found myself happily trapped at home with nothing else to do but sew. I was able to get most of the blocks (large triangle) done. But what I didn’t know was our life was about to drastically change. My husband got a new job in another state. It was time to move so I put the blocks way for another time and place.
Now I am done. I decided not to quilt it. Instead I knotted the 3 layers together. This is a skill that I learned at a Tucson Quilters Guild meeting. At that point it was the first guild meeting that I had ever attended and it turned out to be a Quilt-A-Thon. I had never finished a quilt this way and at the Quilt-A-Thon I knotted 5 quilts. Now I can say I used this technique although I don’t think I will use it again. I love trying new and old techniques. It is important because how else will you know if you will be good at it unless you try. 


I took these pictures at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson Arizon. I lovey botanical gardens that I plan on going back to soon.