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Quilt-A-Long Recap


Hooray! My first Quilt-A-Long is complete. Finished. Done! The final winner of the grand prize was @kaylynowens! It took us two months, six steps with six awesome prizes (and a whole lot of prep time that lead up to this series) and so far we have three completed quilt tops. by kaylynowens, cristinalovescrafts and quiltsintexas I totally loved seeing …


The Rug Quilt Quilt-A-Long Winner

  The winner is @kaylynowens I just want to thank everyone that participated. I had so much fun looking at all of your progress photos on Instagram. I had intended to have a few extra images of some other quilt top and quilt back options… I have about 30 blocks just waiting to become… something. However the …

Blog The Rug Quilt Quilt-A-Long

The Rug Quilt-A-Long: Borders


  This is the last week of The Rug Quilt-A-Long.  Share your progress on Instagram and tag me @brownbirddesigns useing #theRugQuiltALong and #trqalweek6. The winner of week five is @mumbird3; I will be sending you two charm packs and a Quilter t-shirt. The more weeks you participate the greater your chance of winning. When I reveal the next …


Save The Date To Quilt-A-Long


  What: the Rug Quilt Quilt-A-Long When: September 2016  October 2016 – November 2016 (Sorry I bumped it back due to white fabric issues) Where: Here on my Blog Why? Because Quilting + Free Pattern + Gifts = Fun   I am hosting a Quilt-A-Long! During September to October I will be posting steps on …

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Hoffman Challenge 2016


Holy Moly!!! I just found out that this quilt that I made for the Hoffman Challenge (called Garden Star 2 – A Butterfly Enchantment) has made it to the next stage. What does this mean? Well, I need to add a sleeve to the back of the quilt, as well as add a label to the …

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Virtual Fabric Challenge


What is black and white with thread through and through??? The Me + You Virtual Fabric Challenge by Hoffman Fabric and Sewtopia   Luckily I saw the post about this challenge as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. Sewtopia hosted it along with a sponsor, Hoffman Fabric. The first 80 people that signed up …

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We are well into June!! That means that we are almost halfway through the year. Holy moly this year has flown by. It also means that it is dairy month. Since I am a dairy farmer and I come from generations of dairy farmers, I like to do something special in June. I think there’s …

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All Zipped Up Quilt


If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that since I moved to Arizona I have joined Block Busters, as well as a club called Loose Change Club (which just ended). They are both so awesome and occur on the first Saturday of each month at my LQS called Quilters Market. Block Busters is …

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Charity Bee Sewing


  Making a difference – Two blocks at a time. I have found the coolest thing!!! This is my fourth month participating in a Charity Bee called Do Good Stitches. My group/chapter is Harmony. It’s a Flickr group. This is how it works:  The group is compiled of a leader, stitchers and quilters totaling (around) …

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Valentine’s Day Tech Bites


Meadows full of tiny flowers, where the walking dead roam freely is the back drop for this “Zombie Love” fabric line by Emily Taylor (for Riley Blake). I am not sure if everyone will agree with me, but I totally see this as a Valentine’s Day fabric. Why you might ask? Well, for starters, it has …