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Valentine’s Day Tech Bites


Meadows full of tiny flowers, where the walking dead roam freely is the back drop for this “Zombie Love” fabric line by Emily Taylor (for Riley Blake). I am not sure if everyone will agree with me, but I totally see this as a Valentine’s Day fabric. Why you might ask? Well, for starters, it has …

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Cute as Sheep Office Bag


Ok. I think I can NOW say I am ready for 2016. I am not sure why but I have been totally overwhelmed by this bag. Maybe it’s because I have wanted to quilt and not make a bag. Maybe it’s because I wanted to make a different bag. (like the sew together bag by SewDemented) …

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Say Thank You With A Quilt

rolled up quilt

  This quilt features my Garden Star Pattern with an added border. I was very picky when arranging the colors used in the center of the quilt, which lead me to get more charm packs then anticipated (when only needing one full charm pack I used 4 so I would have the right amount of black). …

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A Banner Adventure Swap Mini Quilt


As soon as I saw Banner Adventure Swap: call for entries (co-hosted by The Tattooed Quilter) I was like heck yeah!! NOW – IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THIS GUY IS… I recommend  you check out his blog and then head over to Modern Sewciety and listen to ALL of their podcasts. The Tattooed Quilter is always on …

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Jessa’s Wedding Signature Quilt


 A day before the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in Portland, my husband and I went on a bike ride to explore the city— we saw so many cool things. One memorable sight was an old neighborhood that had four rose gardens in it’s center (this is where I took pictures of the Garden Star quilt). Our …

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My Christmass Rag Quilt


What I love about a rag quilt is how soft and warm they are. The components to a warm, fuzzy rag quilt are flannel and batting; which are sandwiched together and then tacked in place with an X.  For this quilt, I simply took one 9” square and sewed it to 71 other squares (I left the …

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Halloween Sewing Bag & Giveaway!!


The day is finally here — HALLOWEEN! The day I’ve been sewing for. These past two and a half months have been crazy. The following is a recap of this Spooky Series: Cross Body Bag Some Mini Quilts Two Pillows Friendship Jewelry Evening Clutch & More than a Tote Bag Bat Quilt   …and last but not least, …

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Halloween Bat Quilt


  I’m pretty sure you got the point (from my previous posts) but just in case, I have to say it again… I’m loving this Halloween fabric collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale and Sarah Watts!  Since the fabric is super adorable, I really wanted to show it off by using large 12” blocks of it.  I added …

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Halloween Bags


The evening bat clutch: A fun and flirty Halloween clutch. I had a different design in mind when I drew up all of these concepts, but as I progressed on the different projects, a thought occurred to me…my New Year’s resolution!   We’re already well into the second half of the year, and I have only …

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Friendship Jewelry With Flair 


I think I might be an entrepreneur at heart. Way back when I was in grade school, I would make friendship bracelets and sell them to my classmates. When I bought the trimmings for my cross body bag, that one with the tassels hanging from the lace… Well, I was inspired. I wanted sweet tart …

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My Halloween Decorating Tip


When decorating for the holidays, a great, easy way to set a festive mood around the house is with pillows. In a rental space, this simple arrangement is neat because you save your walls from having any holes due to decorations. If cutting down on the clutter is a must, a great space saver is …

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Cross Body Bag – For Halloween


  “I have woken up from a trance, where sweet tart colors have ruled my days and danced in my dreams.” I’ve been completely bewitched with a Halloween collection called Spellbound; by Rashida Coleman-Hale and Sarah Watts, a fabric designer for Cotton and Steel. . . I went online and ordered it, then I ordered some more. …